COP27@DMU: Save Money – Go Green (Travel and Transport)

With the ‘cost of living crisis’ affecting us all, we are all looking for ways to keep costs down and to save money. With the high cost of petrol and diesel there are opportunities to save money by going green and adopting more sustainable travel behaviours.  With many people looking for ways to reduce the costs of commuting the DMU sustainability team will be running a webinar to demonstrate how to save money on travel. In this webinar the team will provide hints and tips on how to save fuel while using your car, as well as the support that exists for staff members who want to use alternative forms of travel including public transport, walking and cycling. 

The information will include the free light and lock loan scheme that is run at DMU, the secure cycle parking, the various shower facilities and cycle repair facilities that exist on campus. The webinar will also cover the public transport discounts available through SmartGo Leicester and information about the new Santander Cycles Leicester e-bike hire scheme. 

The carbon footprint of an average person is the UK is 13 tonnes of carbon and the travel element of that footprint is approximately 3.5 tonnes of carbon. Taking steps to change our travel behaviours, even if for only one day a week, can provide financial savings whilst at the same time reducing your carbon footprint, and there are the additional benefits of getting regular exercise and improved fitness.

The webinar will include information about the university’s Carbon Literacy training programme and how to take part.




Friday 11th November, 12 – 1pm

For more information and to book your place email

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